Tue May 31 17:17:54 EDT 2005

China Express none
Paul Page PLPGE@aol.com
How come no mention of the mysterious base player from the band's early years, the one who was found dead in the swimming pool with scott and steve
mysteriously in the estate home on the grounds and claiming to know nothing? And there is no direct reference to the first drummer, fired at the behest of the manager
so steve woehrle, "the funny one,'' could be brought in. and the worldwide, simulcast benefit concert you organized? and the battle with david bowie? and the time del
shannon sued you claiming you ripped off "he's so fine.'' ??? and the time george clinton thanked you at the country music awards for "putting the fun in funk - or was it
the f-u?'' and the time john tesch said you inspired him to take up "music.'' and the time the clash changed their slogan to "the only band that matters, other
than those neighbors blokes.'' and the time bob dylan said folk is okay, but he had to go electric to keep up with the neighbors? hmmm?
lorraine woehrle lwoehrle@capaccess.org
Hi Steve & Scott, Congratulations from a not unbiased fan. I'm always wishing stardust for you all.
Sara Landymore Landymore@pressroom.com
Hey... nice web page. Come here often?
Ed Lull LULLMSIC@aol.com
Hi guys, One of the nicest pages I've seen.. Ed
Debra and Jay cohande.mcmurdo@mcmurdo.gov
Hi Scott. We love you (that's from Jay). Great page. Check out our Antarctica page
at http://members.aol.com/cohande
Happy new year!
Debra (Cohan) and Jay (Fox) your penguin-seeking adventurers!
Erik Biever e-biev@tc.umn.edu
What th'???? I really enjoyed the Mark Trail song. Happy Camping!
Barbara Economon lsd@bitstream.net
Greetings, Scott--A friend of mine alerted me to this site and the lyrics to the song about our hero: Mark Trail. I do a radio program in Mpls on KFAI, the local community station here. I produce something called the Mark Trail Radio Theatre wherein we use the daily comic strip as a radio comedy/drama script. I've been writing, directing and producing this for over six years and it won a golden reel award with the NFCB (nat'l. federation of community broadcasters) in 1994. The program has a large fan base and recently we asked our listeners to pen lyrics and/or write a tune about Mark Trail. We've had some incredible responses, but, to make this already long story shorter--I MUST hear what this sounds like! Your lyrics absolutely capture the true essence that is Mark Trail. With your permission, I would like to recite them over the air sometime in the next few weeks--and if you have any type of recording of this, could we make some arrangement in garnering a copy of it? Many thanks, in advance, for your consideration. Sincerely, BarbE
sas tonstroe@online.no
hei! what`s up! i am a big Naughty by nature fan and i
would like the lyric of ready for dem
Lawrence tann ltt@tm.net.my.
Suzie racho SMRJFM@aol.com
Hi Scott, Steve & Tony!
When are you guys going to come to San Francisco so Johnny Moremen will have someone to play with?
Christopher Russell sixtring@hotmail.com
We met once, twice maybe....

Cathy & Evan Pollack epollack@erols.com
Hey! Even a band with no recorded product can have a web page! All you need are some gigs! P.S. Love the pine trees.
Tim Griffin AUDIOARC@aol.com
Tim Griffin AUDIOARC@aol.com
Didn't I see you last year on the "Smokin' Grooves" tour?
omtwtp webmaster marktrail@reytech.com
great site! and thanks for the link to the Official Mark Trail WHAT Th'? Page. You should know that the OMTWTP is slowly changing its location to a larger site with the promise of increased interactivity and improved features. it would be grand if the page could offer a sound bite of your mark trail song.

Loder jjloder@ibl.bm
We like the Mark Trail Song (we were referred to your
site by THe official Mark Trail WHAT TH' Site)). Your home
page is very interesting!
Paul Wolaver pwolaver@ix.netcom.com
Hey - been emailing with Scott - I used to live in Alexandria right near where he's from.
Eyvind of Denmark. eyvindofdenmark@get2net.dk
Stephen Williams binkus@netcom.com
hi, scott. neat page. cut loose.
pappo khan pappo@paknet2.ptc.pk
Ray Atkinson rayatkin@gte.net
Scott or Steve,
I am now going by "Ray." My Web site is no longer at Towson, since I have graduated and moved on. I am:
See ya,
John Carmody jcarmody@cqi.com
Hey, Scott - how are you? Cool site, and I like the Trial tune. long live the trail!
What's doing musically these days?
Michael Coxe mc@com21.com
Hi, like many my trail to here is convoluted. Your web guy
(Dave) used to be on a pop music mailing-list I run called
the Audities-List & an old post lead me to his website.
I stumbled onto his review of John Moreman's new cd EP of
which I'm a big fan, so I was curious about what he wrote
and thinking maybe I'd forward a copy to John and Suzie
(they're on the list but just Suzie posts), and there was a
link this this place. I have the Neighbors comp cd and love
much of the music therein, so 1 thing leads to another and
here I am.
Some audio files of your music would be great. In the
meantime I'll just ask Suzie what she thinks :>
Have a nice Sunday...
- michael coxe
san jose, ca
brian Hilburn hilburn@nlr.nl
James Knott knott_j@bls.gov
I like your Mark Trail song. I am oging to add a link to your song throuhg my "Mark Trail Ate My Balls" web site. Check it out at http://www.angelfire.com/biz/REDEYERECORDS/mainmark.html
gary littlepage glittlepage@oa.ithaca.edu
I used to play drums with the Dimeslots. Hi Bill!
Donna Voss splinky@erols.com
For Bill Williams:
Hi Bill, we haven't met yet, but we will in october at your homecoming at william and mary. I'm Donna, Neil's girlfriend. I put "DIMESLOTS" into yahoo, searching for the picture of you guys from the william and mary homecoming write-up, and landed here. Thought I'd say "hi". See you in October.
ereek brayce nightwatch@washpost.com
james key key.james@usa.net
Suzanne Ives Dunkley zangaroo@aol.com
i almost live there
Suzanne zangaroo@aol.com
no, not there (unfortunate segue)
Anthony Rochester arochest@postoffice.utas.edu.au
hi, just browsing through the site. I wanted to hear some of Scott's stuff, since I've experienced his knowledgeable words on the mixmasters list for so long but never heard anything. I'll probably say something when i've listened to the mp3s.
Wayne Cook_d@hotmail.com
Liz llangston@kreative.net
Wow. This band sounds great. Someone should do a rockumentary about them!
Sean devaneys@bc.edu
BoxJam boxjam@geocities.com
Please let me know when 'It Works for Me' is available.
devo devo7@hotmail.com
Tim Griffin audioarc@aol.com
Scott, I found your book "How To Make and Sell Your Own Record" that I borrowed from you back in the early '80's. It looks like you read it before I borrowed it.
timmy g
Mike Pine
There's no Pine like a naughty Pine !!
mac munkle munkle@mindless.com
Hey! Great band, great songs and very nice people. Where did all the monkeys go? Pax, y'all.
Dani sylver_celeste@hotmail.com
Hey Scott and Tony!
lloyd told me about this site. So glad you're still making music. I'll have to check out your mp3's now. I still listen to an old Punch Me Judy demo tape...but of course, I'd probably still be listening to the Dispensers if I'd had a tape from Waaaaay Back Then as well. Tell Bucky I said hi, and that Danny P. fellow too. Also Billy if ya'll still see him. Hugs and kisses from Hollywood -- rock on!
-Dani P.
PS: Whatever happened to Bob E. Rock?
Lloyd Wolf lloydwolf@lloydwolf.com
Scott- with the record out, when is there gonna be a Naugty Pine gig or 3?
Also (I finally looked) yer bio leaves out Peter & the Noisemakers (though we were hardly a band) - you were sorta musical director/guitarist for a year or so about 1981 (?)
perhaps you were the anti-chaos musical traffic-controller!
anyway- I need to hear Mark Trail live- they love you at IOTA- Cheers - Lloyd
Maria Villafana maria.villafana@wpni.com
Hi Scott...I'm building a page for you at washingtonpost.com/mp3...got the OK from Kevin J....i'm listening to your doubles discs.....very nice and fun.....i'll send you info on how to access the page after i'm done.....regards....maria
doug dmw@radix.net
hey all, Naughty Pine's website is now at www.scottmcknight.com/np
Karen ktopping1@juno.com
Send me info on your shows!!!!!
After following the G-sons for almost 10 years, let me thank the author of "It works for Me"
Wendy Fineblum wlf18@bellatlantic.net
I really enjoy Scott's music, but have never heard Naughty Pine. Are they still playing? Will this site be updated any time soon? Does Scott, in any of his musical avatars, play weddings? My, sweetie, whom I met at a Grandsons concert, and gave my number to at the Sam Records Showcase concert, is now my fiance! We're gonna gettin' hitched in October.
Thanks for the great music - keep it up!
kevin quinn kevquinn@comcast.net
for scott- i was looking for bambalam explosion!power pop usa the neighbs because i heard a spanish rock band doing a tune that sounded a lot like "comeback", which i don't have a copy of, and naturally came across scott mcknight, steve worlibyrd, peter g and that san franciscan drumming guitar god JM. i listened to all your mp3s here and at washington post- gave me a happy feeling to hear snips of such good music and to see you such a prominent artist in the nation's capitol. kell gives me occasional updates- i think i may be around 2nd week of dec; are you playing?
love, kev
kevquinn kevquinn@comcast.net
steve's a naughty piner too! hey man, still walking the road that always narrows? i am, glad to say- scared to think of the guy back in 83 who wasn't. is tony flagg the same crazy rickenbacker from the dispensers?
kevquinn kevquinn@comcast.net
steve's a naughty piner too! hey man, still walking the road that always narrows? i am, glad to say- scared to think of the guy back in 83 who wasn't. is tony flagg the same crazy rickenbacker from the dispensers?