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You can hear members of Naughty Pine and/or Scott McKnight Songs on the following releases:
Scott McKnight
It Works for Me
This two-disc, 45-song compilation of Scott McKnight 4 and 8 track demos is now available from SAM records. Some of these are recordings of Naughty Pine. This CD is was produced by Scott McKnight and Kevin Johnson and digitally mastered by Dave Glasser at Airshow Mastering (http://www.airshowmastering.com/ bldr.html).
See what people have been sayin' about It Works For Me.
(Check out the goodies page to hear some songs from It Works for Me!)
Order It Works for Me from SAM Records.
The Neighbors
Power Pop Art
Steve and Scott put in a number of years with a band that was reasonably well known (in the DC area) called the Neighbors. The Neighbors did a little touring, played with some pretty well-known people, put out some albums, had a lot of laughs and broke up in 1989. A lot of people liked that band. The Neighbors are gone but apparently not altogether forgotten. A nice man from Spain who has a record company called Bam Balam Records contacted us in 1996 about releasing some of our stuff. This has resulted in a double CD set containing 30 songs culled from the Neighbors two released albums (Famous Potatoes & Welcome Wagon) and unreleased but critically acclaimed (by our friends) basement tapes. It's been hard to get hold of but last time we knew, it was available through Not Lame Records (www.notlame.com) and Jam Records (www.fortunecity.com/business/geffen/31/p5l-po.html) To purchase it mail order direct, contact:
Bam Balam Records
P.O. Box 1882
07012 Palma De Mallorca, Spain
Phone/Fax: 34 71 79 3303
The following products are (or will be) available through Kevin Johnson and SAM Records (http://www.kevinjohnson.com/merch.htm) :
Kevin Johnson
Sunday Driver
The new Kevin Johnson record is called Sunday Driver.
Kevin Johnson and the Linemen
Parole Music
Contains songs written and/or cowritten by Scott and Bill. Scott and Tony play on it.
Kevin Johnson and the Linemen
The Rest Of Your Life
Contains songs written and/or cowritten by Scott and Bill. Scott and Bill play on it.
Kevin Johnson and the Linemen
Memphis for Breakfast
Bill plays on it.
Last Train Home
True North
Features Bill playing electric lead and slide guitar, Dobro, banjo, lap steel, and vocals. Contains one Scott song ("All Eyes Go") and a little electric rhythm guitar by Scott.
Last Train Home
Features Bill playing lead and slide guitar and singing. Contains one Bill Song ("Sentimental Value") and one Scott song ("I Recall Thinking").
The Grandsons
It's Hip to Flip
Contains the Scott song "It Works for Me."
The Grandsons
Pan American Shindig
Contains the Scott songs "One of Those Lives" and "The Big Mistake."
The Revellaires
Pop of Ages
Contains a Scott song ("Come As You Are"). Coproduced by Scott.
Lu Bango
the little bang theory
A great CD by DC songwriter Lu Bango. Stellar yet tasteful playing contributed by a number of DC luminaries including Tony and Steve.
Various Artists
Holiday Feast Christmas CD Vol. 1
A compilation of Christmas-oriented tunes. Scott wrote the music and Kevin Johnson wrote the words to "Ave Nada."
Various Artists
Postcards from the Edge
Contains "Acupucture." Kevin took the original Scott demo into the studio and added vocals, guitars, bass and the saxophone artistry of Derek Huston (The Iguanas) and Chris Watling (The Grandsons).

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